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+234 (0) 806 111 4034

Simple Admissions, Great Results

Into Our Daycare

Pretty straightforward. Make a visit to our Admissions Office and our staff will be happy to discuss your choices and preferences with you. Babies can be enrolled at anytime of the year.

Into Our Early Years, Primary and Secondary Schools

An application for admission is made online or in the School Admissions Office and can be submitted at any time for the current or future academic year. New students can join the school throughout the school year, subject to availability of places.

    1. Required documents

    In order to enable us process an application and for the Principal to make the applicant’s assessment, please include the following :

  • Recent passport size photo
  • Birth certificate (photocopy)
  • International passport (data page)
  • Copies of the last two years school reports
  • Copy of the current year school reports (if applicable)
  • Previous school transcripts (if applicable)
  • Personal statement: a brief handwritten description by the child of himself/herself and his/her interests - without assistance, or
  • A recent drawing (self-portrait), if the child cannot write yet, with his/her name underneath
  • Online or cash payment of a non-refundable application fee of N20,000.00 (see "Tuition & fees")

    2. Admission criteria

    All applications are considered individually, taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Placement in present school
  • Previous changes during the applicant's education
  • Languages spoken
  • Final goals of the applicant
  • Level of maturity and age*
  • For nursery, Foundation and Reception, Principals will apply August 31 "age cut off" date strictly.
  • The Principal will arrange a physical interview with the applicant and his or her parents or guardian for further and final assessment.

    3. Offer of places for an entry date in September or January.

    laces will be offered by the Admissions Office by telephone or e-mail once a decision for admission is reached. Following the acceptance of a place by the parents, a contract is sent by the Admissions Office. The place is secured upon receipt of the enrolment contract signed by the parents and of the payment of the Registration Fee and the Capital Development Fund Fee (see "Tuition & Fees").

Into Our Language Institutes

With our flexible language courses starting on the first Monday of every month, you can study when, where and how you like. Bookings are however made in the preceding month to your anticipated start date.

Into Our Partner Institutions Anywhere In The World

Whether it's University Foundation Year, Undergraduate, Pre-Masters, Masters, LLM, MBA, Ph.D, short professional courses, etc, our International Student Recruitment Admissions Office can help you make an excellent application and increase your chances of acceptance by 100%.

Make the smart move... BOOK NOW!!!

It's easy to book your Education Plus Program! Simply choose your option below and book online, call us or download and fill our PDF form, and return to our office!

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