Education Plus International Language Institute
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+234 (0) 806 111 4034

Learn French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, English and lots more!

Education Plus International Language School is at the forefront of international language learning in Nigeria. With our flexible courses starting on the first Monday of every month, you can study when, where and how you like. Our school offers eight (8) international languages for all levels and intensities and teaching can be personalized to accommodate your specific needs and goals. We offer you a complete study experience, including free-time activities, salsa dance lessons, movie, drama and singing sessions, excursions and comprehensive travel services. Our innovative learning system is designed to make your learning experience richer and more personalized. You are guaranteed to learn more, faster with our expert instructors, the latest language technology and interaction with the local culture. Education Plus also helps to prepare you to take official language proficiency exams like Cambridge English, IELTS, TOEFL, DELE, DELF etc.

Language...the Education Plus way!

Our revolutionary style of language teaching makes your experience richer and more immediate by adapting your studies to your objectives and interests. You get to learn from seasoned instructors in the classroom, absorb new skills with online exercises, then apply them with real-world practice. We employ the use of world-class curriculum, instructional methods, books, multimedia, courseware and online application.

The integration of this groundbreaking educational content with your personalized study program ensures that every moment spent learning in Education Plus - in print, in class and on your tablet - advances your individual goals!

What's more?

With our continuous assessment, feedback and language clubs, we guarantee you will reach your goals faster and hit the world with proof of your language proficiency!

Our research work

Education Plus collaborates with the most prestigious language and academic institutions worldwide - including EF International Language School - to define the future of language learning. We engage a collection of the world's most eminent linguists, scientists and language experts and we are pioneering initiatives in language acquisitions, teaching technology and progress assessment.


Inspiring professional instructors: Our instructors are selected for personality, dedication, passion and experience. They lead interactive, conversation-based classes of real-world languages based on current events and everyday topics.

Small class size

Our classes don't go beyond 15 students sitting in a manner that gives them access to the instructor, fellow students and the language. This small class size allows them to receive personal attention from the instructors. This ensures you will have the time to express yourself and interact with classmates from diverse backgrounds.

Technology-enhanced class time: We've fully integrated instructor-led online lessons into most courses. This automatically accelerates the learning process by increasing interactivity in learning a language.

Interactive classrooms

Our instructors are well trained to use technology for your advantage. So, in addition to tablets, all of our learning environments are fully equipped with classroom media, projectors, a computer lab and WiFi.

Special interest classes: Personalize your language learning and achieve your personal objectives by taking special interest classes in the subjects you prefer. All our schools run scores of special interest classes in areas such as business, career, academic or arts related topics.

Absorb Instructor-led study lessons

Gain confidence by learning to express yourself in a natural way with the correct grammar and pronunciation of an international language as if it was yours. Our instructors are always there to answer any questions you may have.

Self-paced practice: complete assignments by utilizing online flash cards, podcasts, videos and much more. You can always work at your own pace to achieve your language success.

Non-stop online access

Use many additional lessons and activities online to maximize your course. Practice exams, access private lessons, and participate in online classes and guest lectures.

Apply Cultural excursions : Benefit from guided learning while you speak, improve your listening comprehension and discover the language outside the classroom with the instructor. Life with the locals reduce your accent, learn to speak naturally, and gain authenticity with local terms and phrases through constant interaction with native speakers. Work experience as an additional option, you can do an internship or gain volunteer experience in your field.


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