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Applying for a visa can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be!
Education Plus Visa Support Services engage the services of seasoned immigration experts across our offices. We provide expert advice on appropriate documentation needed for your visa application. We have provided guidance for countless clients. We believe we are one of the most successful visa and immigration experts in Nigeria, serving both individuals and business needs. Education Plus employs qualified solicitors, accredited immigration consultants and ex-immigration officers to help our clients win their case, guaranteeing our rate of success continues to be excellent with the highest levels of service.

Australia Visas

Australian visas are an extremely popular option for jobseekers and students looking for a great life style. Our office in Australia allows us to handle all categories of Australian immigration, from Australia work visas to Australian Immigration for study. Whether you want to move to Australia for work, family or study Global Visas have the solution.

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Canada Immigration

Our offices deal with the booming demand for Canada visas. Canadian Immigration policies strongly encourage immigration to Canada for the right people. An ageing population and low birth rate means Canada needs immigration. Canada Immigration is very selective as they can afford to pick the best applicants only. Canada immigration offers many great opportunities and we can help you stay in Canada for ever if you wish.

If you would like to find out more about Canadian immigration and how you can move to Canada, check out our pages on the most popular Canada immigration pathways:

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UK Visas

Our offices specialise in UK visas with ex-UK Immigration experts in our team. Whether for UK Visas to work, A UK Immigration permit to study or permanent UK immigration, Education Plus is happy to advise you on the ideal UK visas to suit your needs. Start your UK immigration application today by contacting our UK visa assessment unit.

USA Visas

The US Immigration has one of the most difficult and complex immigration systems in the world. US Visas Expert advice is essential when making a US immigration application. Fortunately, we have many US immigration specialists ready to handle your US visa application. Do not leave your US visa to chance.

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Visas World Wide

Education Plus assists with dozens of countries world wide and we are ready to help you today. Please complete our enquiry form or simply pick up the phone and give us a call. To clarify we are an independent company offering Immigration and visas support services and protecting clients rights. WE DO NOT GIVE OR ISSUE VISAS. WE DO NOT ACCEPT OR ASSIST ANYONE TRAVELLING TO ANY COUNTRY THROUGH FRAUDULENT MEANS OR FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES. All conversations with Education Plus are confidential and we never pass on our clients details without their express permission.

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